Two bugs have been fixed in this one:

  1. When an electric delete operation was triggered while the caret was in virtual space, the caret would jump to the start of the virtual space, often the start of the line. This could happen to you, for example, when you had a new line inserted somewhere (maybe because you had used the electric semicolon in the previous line) that you didn’t want. You’d hit delete to get the next statement in the next line to move to the caret position, but the caret (together with that next line statement) would instead move to the start of the line.

  2. When the caret was within the “block” of a for statement, meaning the code surrounded by curly braces following the for statement, the electric semicolon would not trigger. This happened because the plugin couldn’t distinguish between the caret being between the parentheses following the for statement (the part with the variable initialisation, evaluation, modification, where electric semicolon obviously doesn’t make much sense) and the caret being in the code block behind that part.

To get the latest version (and for links to additional information on the plugin), please follow this link. To prevent confusion, I’ve now created a central page about the plugin instead of providing download links in all the various blog posts.