A new version is ready, for the download please see the plugin’s own page. These are the more important news, apart from smaller fixes:

  • The whitespace hint lines are now drawn with a delay, which greatly improves the performance overhead when navigating around with the caret quickly. The delay can be configured in the options.

  • New Emacs style scrolling is available. This means that scrolling starts not only when your caret is actually in the top or bottom lines of the text editor, but a few lines before that. This makes it much easier to follow the scrolling text with the eye. By default, scrolling happens in chunks instead of single lines, which also speeds up redrawing quite a bit, especially when also using Structural Highlighting. The line offset where scrolling starts as well as the size of the scroll “chunk” is configurable in the options. It’s also possible to scroll by single lines by setting the scroll percentage to 1, but still keeping the offset scrolling at the same time.

  • The options have been split up to use several pages instead of only one. That concept wasn’t very extensible :-) For restructuring reasons, you’ll have to reconfigure any settings you might have made before, sorry about that.

  • I tested for compatibility with the newest versions of CodeRush (1.1.19) and Refactor! (1.0.6). I didn’t find any problems, though :-)