Yesterday, Developer Express released new versions of their fantastic tools CodeRush and Refactor! Pro (I already blogged about the latter today). I have made new versions of my two CodeRush plugins available, both compiled against the new CodeRush version 1.1.28. An important change was made to the OpenToolWindow plugin (find the original announcement for that one here), to make use of a property in the CodeRush core that’s now public. So if you want to use OpenToolWindow with CodeRush >= 1.1.28, be sure to download the new version 1.0.1 of the plugin! (On the other hand, don’t use this new version if you are on an older version of CodeRush!) Electric Editing doesn’t have any important changes in itself, but it has been changed in a few places where methods in the CodeRush core had been made obsolete. Get the download for the new version from the plugin’s own page.