I was just trying to record a Camtasia video in my Windows VM running in VMWare on the Mac. Couldn’t record any audio. Impossible. Of course the whole configuration isn’t exactly clear — VMWare doesn’t tell you exactly which “channels” (is that the word? I’m talking about mic, line in, …) it is connecting into the VM, and Windows doesn’t have any tools that are in the least helpful trying to find out if any channels deliver a signal. So I tried everything and it didn’t work. I had audio out for a good while and then suddenly it died. Well.

Now this was all very confusing to me because I’ve recorded many Camtasia videos with sound, through the internal mic, on my MacBook, in VMWare. In the end I searched and found that this is by no means an unknown problem and that I must have been lucky to ever get it working. Weird, again.

So, as a note to self as much as anything, here’s how I got it to work: just connect the USB headset that I have attached to the Mac directly into the VM. Yeah. Works just fine. In some discussion threads I’ve found in Google, people complain that a similar solution doesn’t work for them, so I guess YMMV. Good luck.