I’m interested — which IoC containers do people use for .NET? Or do they use any? I created a poll, quite small and very quick :), which should appear below. I’d appreciate your help! Just in case the form doesn’t show up, here’s a separate link to it [LINK REMOVED].

Update: I had some requests to provide for an option “I’ve heard of this, but never tried it”. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t allow me to add columns to the grid with all the radio buttons — the five you get by default are also the maximum. I have added this as a separate question instead.

Update update: Got one comment already suggesting to merge the last two questions by adding another column. Thanks.

Second update: If you’re just interested in the results, click here to access them directly.

Another update: Help attract more people to this poll — it becomes more significant that way. Click the badge and give this entry a kick. [LINK REMOVED] (<- thanks for kicking, but we can always use a few more)

Final update: Unfortunately somebody started abusing the poll over the last night by rating everything as absolutely horrible. Google doesn’t allow me any influence on blocking people selectively, installing anti-robot mechanisms or similar, so I don’t see any alternative to closing the poll. In the source data spreadsheet, I can see where the abuse started, and I’ll try to drop the fake information and provide a final summary of all the legit data that was collected.