On April 13th, during Microsoft’s inaugural UK TechDays event, I’ll be speaking for the Edge UG at the main Fulham Broadway venue. This is part of what Microsoft call the Fringe events, community hosted events that complement the main Developer and IT Pro days. I will be speaking about functional programming on the .NET platform, using both the C# and the F# languages. Here’s the abstract for this talk:

F# is a new language in Visual Studio 2010, a hybrid that crosses over from the well-known object oriented .NET world into that of functional programming. It makes parallel programming easier, they say - and it does, in addition to all the other cool language structures it offers. But the idea of functional programming doesn’t depend on the language alone, and good old C# can be used to implement many of the same ideas. In this presentation, Oliver gives an overview of functional aspects in both languages, explaining F# as he goes along and conjuring up much mind-bending syntax in C#. Don’t miss it!

To sign up for the event, just go to the Edge UG homepage. See you there!