Poll Results: IoC containers for .NET

Here are the results for the IoC containers for .NET poll. If you had a look at this page earlier and it looked different, don’t worry — I changed it because somebody had started abusing the poll, so I had to stop accepting submissions. I analyzed the data and created some nice charts.

Here’s the first one: how many people actually use IoC vs. not.


Then, which IoC containers are being used?


And then I’ve got the results per container and per possible rating. If you were taking part in the poll, you may remember that there was a bit of trouble because the Google polling system didn’t allow for all the radio buttons everybody would have liked to see etc… for the results I have now integrated the one important missing item (“heard of it but never tried”) into the same overviews with all the other values.

ioc-percontainer.png ioc-perrating.png

I’m thinking I might sit down and do a bit of an overall “ranking”, by doing some calculations with the various numbers etc etc… well, maybe if I find some time. Thanks, everybody, for taking part!