I ran into this problem the other day where I updated Xamarin on my Mac and I was playing with various solutions that involved Android projects. I kept receiving this build error:

Error: /<path>/XamarinForms1.Droid.csproj: /<path>/XamarinForms1.Droid.csproj could not import "$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\\Xamarin\\Android\\Xamarin.Android.CSharp.targets" (XamarinForms1.Droid)

I played around a bit with different project types, thinking the problem was specific to one or several of them …


While doing some regex demos, I noticed some strange behavior that doesn’t seem to comply with the docs. I’m working with balancing group definitions as described here. In conjunction with those, it should be possible to use the syntax (?(start)(?!)) to fail the expression in case the balanced elements don’t even out (or rather, if there aren’t sufficient end elements). This conditional expression is documented here in these words:

Matches […] if […] a n …


Here are the slides and samples from my presentations and workshops at the recent SDD conference in London:


Here they are:



It’s almost Christmas, but I’ve managed to complete a project I’ve been working on for a good while. DX Training is my new platform for video training courses on DevExpress products.

The first class to be publish on the new site is DXperience ASP.NET WebForms — Getting Started. There’s also a support forum for content requests open immediately. The long-term plan is to cover as much of the DevExpress product portfolio as possibl …


Ann: Expert XAF in the USA

A little while back, I announced the first Expert DevExpress XAF class to take place in the USA, January 14-18 2013 in Orlando, Florida. I’m pleased that we’ve now been able to confirm hotel arrangements with the Royal Plaza in Orlando.

_This class provides a complete in-depth look at the DevExpress eXpressApp Framework. You’ll start with the basics of creating a data layer with XPO and/or Domain Components, and …

Just a quick heads-up: I just announced my first DevExpress XAF class in the USA, which will take place in Orlando, Florida, in January 2013. [LINK REMOVED]


Here they are: my slides and samples from the Basta! conference in Mainz. Apologies to those who believed me when I said I might be able to upload them yesterday :)