Here are the slides and samples from my presentations and workshops at the recent SDD conference in London:


Here they are:



Here they are: my slides and samples from the Basta! conference in Mainz. Apologies to those who believed me when I said I might be able to upload them yesterday :)


I had a great time at my Pragmatic .NET Architecture workshop yesterday at Software Architect 2011 in London — thank you very much to everybody who was there! As promised, I’m putting up the slides and the concept document, as far as we developed it during the day. Here you go:


Have fun!


This is weird… I had entirely forgotten about putting up the slides and samples from last week’s BASTA! 2011 conference — because I was completely convinced I had already done so! I had some trouble getting proper internet connectivity in the days following the event, and I abandoned several attempts to upload the files to my server, and then somehow my mind auto-applied a great big DONE to the task. I apologize for the delay. BASTA! was a great event again — larger than ever, apparently — …

On September 29, I’ll be in Braunschweig, Germany, to deliver a talk called Pragmatic Architecture. This is a short version of my popular workshop, which I’m currently doing at various conferences in Europe. Unfortunately for my English language readers, the talk will be in German — but you may be able to see the whole thing in English at this year’s Software Architect conference in London! Here are the infos about the event in Braunschweig. I hope to see you there! Thanks to the user …


I was trying to ask this question on Twitter, but that didn’t seem to work out well - many people use different approaches for something vaguely similar to what I’m asking, and it seems impossible to explain the details in 140 chars.

Solution at the bottom now.

I want my PowerPoint presentations that have slides with bullets to work in a particular fashion. Say I have three bullets:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

When the slide comes up first, I want it to appear showing these three bullets. Some …


I had a fantastic time at NDC 2011 — thanks to everybody who came to my talks, and to the organizers of course! Here are the downloads for the slides and samples I was using:

Have fun!