Microsoft has come up with a good example of how you should handle the process of deprecating data.

Have a look at my MVP profile here. You’ll see that in a lot of profile entries for speaking engagements, the string “RETIRED — DO NOT SELECT” is shown. Why is that? Very simple: at some point the selection “.NET”, for instance, was a valid one, but now it had to be changed. Of course there are approaches to retiring data that would have left the old strings in place, but then those mechanisms …

Maybe I’m not getting the joke, but it looks like the company New Standard Keyboards wants to sell us on keyboards that have a layout with keys in alphabetical order.

As I have blogged before, I’m using a keyboard in Dvorak layout with my desktop PC, and I have configured my laptop keyboard to Dvorak as well (I also swapped the keys around physically, which isn’t described in that article — I find it useful when I’m doing presentations and need to hit a certain key without actually having bot …


So, as some of you may know, I’m not a native English speaker. I’m certainly no native American speaker, even less than English. Today’s Dilbert leaves me bewildered — I was pretty sure I knew what the expression “a little bit pregnant” meant. There’s a similar expression in (my native language) German, and a Google search for “a little bit pregnant” doesn’t reveal anything I wouldn’t have expected. But that comic strip doesn’t make the least bit of sense to me… anybody care to explain? …


The desktop metaphor used to be one of the most clearly distinguishing properties of early graphical user interfaces, and I find that today the desktop still holds great fascination for many people. There are tons of tools out there, apart from what your operating system of choice offers you, to customize the desktop — displaying gadgets and gimmicks, active content that can actually be used instead of only displayed, or simply family photos. The reason I’m taking the time to blog about this i …


I just had to pass this on… if, like me, you have spent countless hours with the original Incredible Machine games, you must watch this video. Via MakeYouGoHmm.com, here’s the video.



I just spent half an hour with a very interesting task: I created a new user account on a computer of mine and configured Outlook. Why did that take me so long? Very simple: because apparently all Outlook add-in developers are completely crazy.

Outlook has several methods of registering add-ins. I’m not an expert, but I have found that at least there’s one method to register an add-in system-wide, another that registers the add-in only for a given user. So guess which approach every single add …


I hadn’t seen this yet: Windows XP boots on a Macbook Pro Conclusion: Some people are able to reach unbelievable levels of boredom :)


Amazing stuff. Look here.