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I’m thinking of a class for Silverlight components, later this year. It would probably be a two or three day class, covering the process of creating a Silverlight application with the help of the DevExpress components on that platform.

Right now I’m trying to gauge interest in the topic. If you think you might be interested in such a class sometime between October and December 2010, please let me know! I’m also interested in finding out what locations in the world would be most useful to you, so please mention that. And if you think Silverlight is a waste of your time, or mine, that’ll also be worth a mention…

Here’s a quick note, final notification so to speak: if you want to come to my June trainings for DXperience WinForms or the eXpressApp Framework [LINKS REMOVED], you have until tomorrow (April 30, 2010) to sign up if you want the early bird pricing. Save up to 200 Euros!

The first dates are now out for my new DevExpress training classes. You can find all the information here:

Business Apps with DXperience WinForms

My friend John Martin asked me whether I could post this on my blog – I was a bit hesitant, but then I thought it will be interesting to a lot of people, and hopefully a few from the UK are reading my blog! John says he’s been asked a number of times to offer a WCF class in the UK, and now he can finally announce one: The WCF Master Class with Michele Leroux Bustamante, May 10-14 2010 at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, UK. For all the details on this class, click here to go to John’s own site. And if you happen to be at the VS Launch/DevConnections in Las Vegas in a few days’ time, you can meet John there at booth 512. Okay, enough of the plug! I’m sure the training is going to be good fun, and the castle location sounds very interesting. And of course you could be doing worse than Michele if you need to learn some WCF! 😃 Enjoy!

I just realized that I haven’t actually blogged about this: the ASP.NET product training for DevExpress that I’m doing! The reason I forgot is that I’ve been extremely busy preparing all the content and all that – a work in progress for a long time now, but still a surprisingly great effort to get done. Monday is the first training class in Leeuwenhorst in the Netherlands. Title: Business Applications with DXperience ASP.NET. When we first announced this (we’re partnering with John Martin’s Professional Developer Training) for the European events, the class sold out within a few days, so we decided immediately to put up more classes. We announced four dates for January (and early February) 2010, and now we’re getting close to the point where the early bird registration timeframe runs out: until November 26th, you save €100! So if you’re interested, follow this link to John’s site, where you can find all the info and even sign up (hint!). Even if you don’t want to come to the training classes, watch this space as well as my DevExpress blog for announcements of the roadshow afternoons that we’re going to do in Frankfurt and Paris.

The first European DevExpress training I announced recently was booked out so fast, it was almost unbelievable… so we set up a few more! We’re going to be in London, Frankfurt, Zurich and Paris early next year. Find the announcements here, or go directly to the detail page with the option to sign up. If the first class is any indication, seats may go quickly. There’s also an early-bird offer until November 26th, so better not leave it too long!

Much sooner than Basta! (which I just blogged about) is the NRW 06 event in Duesseldorf, Germany. I’m going to be there as well, to do a talk about some of what Developer Express does, and to talk and demo to attendees directly. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!